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80 Ball-Bingo is the latest variation of bingo to hit the Internet. It has become increasingly popular and has made the overall Internet bingo industry grow. Prior to the 80-ball variation, 75 Ball-Bingo was the most popular game to play for real money online. OnlineBlingo.com is going to discuss how to play the 80-ball variation, the rules and great online rooms to play at. We have made a list below of some of the best places for USA residents to play online bingo for real money.

Best USA Rooms To Play 80 Ball-Bingo For Real Money

Prior to the development of the 80 Ball variation, the 75 ball and 90 ball variations were the most popular to play for free or for cold hard cash online. The main difference between the games is the number of balls, however there are several other differences, which we will elaborate on. Read more in the 80 ball-bingo rules section .

How To Play 80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball Bingo

Whether you live in The United States of America, The United Kingdom, Canada or anywhere around the world, you play 80 Ball-Bingo in a very similar way to the 75 and 90 ball variations. When you get your card you will see five rows, and each row consists of sixteen digits. You will notice there are eighty digital on your grid, which are divided into 4 different groups based on colors.

The colors are made up in intervals of twenty, for instance when one through twenty may be red, twenty-one through forty may be blue, forty-one through fifty-nine may be yellow, and sixty through eighty may just consist of solely numbers. When you play 80 Ball-Bingo online for real money you will see that they card has shutters that slide over the numbers. This is much better than the old fashion dauber.

80 Ball-Bingo Rules and Guidelines


The rules and guidelines when playing 80-ball bingo on the Internet for real money are similar to the seventy-five and ninety ball variations, but there are differences. First off you will need to buy at least on card at the online hall that you are playing at.

The online caller will pick balls at random from the selection of eighty balls. Once a number is called, the player slides their shutter to cover the number (there is no need to use a dauber in this variation). The first Internet player that completes the winning pattern hits a button or yells B-I-N-G-O. We hope that you found the information helpful.  Please bookmark this review and rating website so you can come back here when you need more information.

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