Muskegon’s Bingo Game Helps Local Restaurants

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Muskegon’s Bingo Game Helps Local Restaurants

2020 has been hard on most businesses, but the restaurant industry has probably taken the biggest hit. The restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries have been forced to close their doors several times this year, often for extended periods of time. In addition, even when they were allowed to serve their guests, their service was seriously restricted by states’ guidelines in an effort to stop the spread of Coronavirus. The end of the year finds most of these businesses struggling and uncertain if they’ll even be able to remain open in 2021.

When searching for casinos in Michigan, the restaurants were ordered to put indoor dining on hold for several months this spring and again in November and December as the Department of Health and Human Services issued executive orders requiring them to do so.

How Does Muskegon’s Bingo Game Help Local Restaurants?

In Muskegon’s city on the western shores of Michigan Lake, the group gathered around the Taste of Muskegon festival as started an interesting initiative to help struggling businesses in the restaurant industry. The Taste of Muskegon is a traditional festival, held in the summer, whose purpose is to promote and support the local area restaurants and food trucks. The festival itself has taken an alternative route this year with festivities being held virtually rather than on the street of the city.

Taking the page from casinos and bingo halls, the Taste of Muskegon is organizing a slightly altered bingo game to help local food businesses survive these difficult times.

They have created the Taste of Muskegon Bingo Card with names of the local restaurants instead of numbers.

The card is geographically organized, with each part of the region – Northside, Central, Lakeside, and Southside getting its own column and an additional column for sweets and drinks.

The idea is to motivate locals to visit or order takeout from the restaurants on the card and post the pictures of purchased dishes or drinks on social media with the hashtag #TasteMkgBingo, thus involving even more people.

Each set of five restaurants on the card will earn the participants and entry to the competition and a chance to win $25 gift cards.

Lisa Kraus, the Director of Marketing for the Taste of Muskegon, said that they saw how the restaurants were struggling and tried to come up with an idea that will encourage people to go out or order from these businesses. With restrictions in place at the moment, Kraus added that they are encouraging people to use some of the delivery options or curbside pickups. In case that restrictions are lifted, the restaurant can count on the full support of the Taste of Muskegon if they decide to reopen.

The bingo game is also a chance for local people to get familiar with the restaurants in the area and perhaps discover some fantastic dining options that have missed so far. The bingo card covers the businesses from the wider Muskegon region and plenty of them have already expressed how thankful they are for all the help they can get at these trying times.

• Source: Taste of Muskegon’s bingo game aims to help local restaurants from On December 7, 2020.

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Muskegon’s Bingo Game Helps Local Restaurants
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Muskegon’s Bingo Game Helps Local Restaurants
Taking the page from casinos and bingo halls, Muskegon's Taste is organizing a slightly altered bingo game to help local food businesses survive these difficult times.
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