Winter Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo Fever Heats Up Players in Winnipeg, Canada

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Winter Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo Fever Heats Up Players in Winnipeg

Winter in Winnipeg, Canada can be bleak and cold but things have been heating up lately. The weekly televised bingo game, Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo has thousands of locals nervous with anticipation. Heading into Saturday’s drawing on Feb. 1, the jackpot has grown past the half-million mark.

Winter Bingo Fever Heats Up Players Differently in Winnipeg?

Earlier this week, a post on the local news site captured the mood in town. This will be the highest jackpot ever for the game and bingo fever is running high. The Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg has been running this event. They confirmed this fever on social media citing the demand for the elusive bingo cards.

In a social media post on Tuesday, Jan. 28, the group released the following statement:

“I will no longer post a list of stores in Winnipeg that are receiving deliveries. We have hordes of people driving dangerously, following our courier driving like paparazzi and putting him in danger. This is not cool at all. I can no longer share information here. I have directed our courier to come back to our office and we will continue deliveries secretly at a later time.”

The ongoing bingo game has been a major source of fund raising for local charities. The Kinsmen Club donates all the proceeds made through the game to various causes in Winnipeg and Manitoba.

Actual bingo cards for each week’s drawing are sold at various outlets. This week’s cards sold out quickly leading to the mad dash for additional cards. The Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo website has repeatedly crashed in light of the current six-figure jackpot.

The weekly game is televised live on CVT every Saturday night. There has been a record number of sales for this week’s big game with that much money on the line. For last Saturday’s bingo game, it was estimated that 40,000 cards were sold. With no big winner, this Saturday’s grand prize will most likely exceed $600,000.

The club did not respond to this news source for their comments on the situation. The only news released has been through social media. The concern has been for the safety of their courier in Winnipeg. Another potential concern was rural Canada Post employees outside the city.

The earlier post this week went on to read:“Seeing how people are putting our courier in danger in Winnipeg, I will not be posting any updates or answering phone calls about rural deliveries anymore. For fear of people doing the same thing to Canada Post.

The social media statement made note of the heightened activity to procure the cards. It was reported that volunteers for the Kinsman Jackpot Bingo have been victims of verbal abuse. It added:

“If you are going to call our office and yell and swear at our staff accusing up of hoarding cards and playing favorites, I’m not going to share information anymore.” The club did offer a special offer for loyal bingo customers. They can buy a five-month supply lasting from the Feb. 1 drawing through the end of June.

Winter Bingo Fever Heats Up Players in Winnipeg
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Winter Bingo Fever Heats Up Players in Winnipeg
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