Your Love For Bingo Games Will Benefit And Support Yolo County

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Your Love For Bingo Games Will Benefit And Support Yolo County

For a long time, sports have been a major gateway to supporting various humanitarian programs and charities.

Perhaps, that is why Davis Odd Fellows are planning to use bingo games again to show their appreciation thus support Healthy Aging Alliance, a non-profit charity that gives advocacy to ‘odd fellows’ in Yolo County.

Are you wondering how you can give your donation and show your support for the older persons in Yolo County using your love for bingo games? Well, there is always a way to do so.

But before you think of making that donation, it is imperative to have a glance of what the Healthy Aging Alliance delves itself into.

The Healthy Aging Alliance strives to make old persons in Yolo County as comfortable as possible through several projects.

Whether it is through open advocacy, various collaborations with stakeholders, and education programs, and the Odd Fellows do all they can to ensure that happens.

To attain its goals; of supporting the old folks through online bingo games, Odd Fellows will be gladly holding a fundraiser on Sunday, July 9, 2017.

Entrance and exits at the Hall of Odd Fellows will be opened at 12 pm, and an hour later, bingo play will begin.

That means if you are planning to make a contribution as you enjoy your games at the best Internet Bingo rooms, you are at liberty to do so starting from 1 p.m.

There will be lots of prizes for those who will check in Odd Fellows Hall, whether you are the first one to check in or the last one.

The fundraiser’s team of management has arranged that winners of several raffle tickets that will be available that day will be paid on an instant. There will be $100 and $250 pull-tab and instant cash prizes for the participants.

Whatever type of ice-cold and warm refreshments you may need, will be served at affordable prices throughout the afternoon for all members present.

As their mission statement states, the YHAA strives to act as the only reliable and unified voice for the old folks as well as caregivers throughout the Yolo County.

Since the 2010 IHSS Advisory Committee and the Commission on Aging and Adult Persons’ Services Summit, YHAA was born. From then on, YHAA has done all within its powers and by utilizing the little resources garnered from voluntary donations to support older persons in Yolo County.

The move has also given people who love bingo games to use their money for not only having fun but also contributing to the support of the older persons’ livelihoods.

For those who may not make it to the event on July 9, 2017, at Odd Fellows Hall, there is always a way to make them and show appreciation for the gift of life to the old folks of Yolo County.

You can do that by visiting to make a donation and support the noble initiative.

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Your Love For Bingo Games Will Benefit And Support Yolo County
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Your Love For Bingo Games Will Benefit And Support Yolo County
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