Alabama-Coushatta Tribe Engages In Legal Battle With Texas State Over Bingo Parlor

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Alabama-Coushatta Tribe is currently engaging in a legal row over a bingo parlor; Texas State gaming authorities maintain that its operations are not in line with the state law.

The bingo parlor that has got itself in the middle of the legal circus is Naskila Entertainment located in Houston, just 80 miles to the northeast.

According to the state, the electronic online bingo parlor was opened over twelve months ago, secretly and did not follow the proper procedure from the state’s gaming authority.

Now, authorities are demanding that the parlor must be shut down immediately.

This incident is not the first time the Alabama-Coushatta tribe has got itself into trouble with the state over a gaming facility.

Seventeen years ago in the year 2000, the American Native Tribe opened a gaming resort called Alabama-Coushatta Ent System. However, the casino did not operate for long. Two years later in 2002, the gaming facility was closed down following an order from the court.

Speaking of the adverse effects and the aftermath of the 2002 closure of the Alabama-Coushatta Ent System, a former council chairman to the tribe, Carlos Bullock said that the tribe faced a difficult time.

“When we were forced to close down our facility back then, our people suffered a lot. I can confirm that we lost over 300 jobs. It was very challenging to our people and tribal members who had started to rely on the income from the casino.

Today, we try very hard to follow the law. We do not expect to face the same fate that befell us the last time. No one of us wants to lose his or her job because we did not follow the proper procedure,” Bullock told the press this week.

According to Bullock, already the new bingo facility has offered more than 400 people jobs. Besides, the parlor has injected $5 million into the state’s economy. To him, that should not be something to be shuttered, but be praised.

“We will fight for the future of our people to the end. Gaskill Entertainment will always be here to offer people hope for their daily bread as well as revenue to the state,” Bullock said.

While the state through its gaming commission asserts that the American Native tribe is not allowed to operate a bingo in the parcel of land, the Alabama-Coushatta tribe maintains that they have the legal right to conduct a bingo on their tribal land.

In fact, the tribe claims that the legal allows them to offer and operate Class II games such as bingo and poker.

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