Former Store Becomes Venue For Boulevard’s Century Bingo

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Former Store Becomes Venue For Boulevard’s Century Bingo
North Century Boulevard residents will soon be treated to happy moments when the Century Bingo will open in their midst.

The decision for North Century Boulevard to have her bingo, although privately-owned, was reached on Monday night when authorities in Century Town Council accepted the proposal to establish a bingo within its jurisdictions.

After the approval, Larry Segebarth said that it is a matter of weeks and residents will no longer be needed to travel long distances in search of bingo.

For a long time, Century Town residents have traveled long distances as far as Pensacola, Mobile or Atmore to gamble. That would mean that it will save them time money and energy.

Now, many residents who have been craving for something good close to them will play bingo games for money, and ‘wealth’ will revolve around Century town.

Larry Segebarth confirmed on Monday that he had leased a hall in the heart of North Century Boulevard at 9420, the former site of a store called St. Vincent de Paul Store.

“The venue is the ideal position for bingo business. St. Vincent store was well known here, and any person would see the store because it is along the highway. If we renovate this 5, 000 square foot space, it will accommodate a significant number of people who might check in any time of the day,” said Larry.

With the approval, many of those who seem to oppose the idea of bringing bingo to Century Town say that the decision on whether or not to legalize bingo is not for Century Town Council.

On a quick rejoinder, authorities in the town council say that it is not within their powers to determine whether or not to legalize bingo in Century Town. Rather, they say that it is within the Council’s powers to decide whether or not to approve for the facility in their area and that is under Land Development Code.

When such issue raised on an earlier occasion during deliberation meetings, the council agreed in one accord that bingo did not in any way violate any law. Instead, the board found that actually, a bingo facility serves as an indoor recreation facility.

However, the Monday night approval was not swift. There was opposition with some saying that if the council allowed a bingo facility within Century Town, then they would also legalize the use of marijuana.

Another resident, Mary Bourgeois asked the board members on what benefits they will get when people are spending their all in bingo facilities.

“How much will Century get when her people spend? Gambling as a whole is a complete problem,” asked Mary.

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