CyberBingo, Island Casino BingoSKY, BingoFest & 5Dimes Kick Off 2016 With Awesome Tournaments

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With only five days into the new year the review website is excited to hear that CyberBingo, Island casino, BingoSKY, BingoFest & 5Dimes are kicking of 2016 with some awesome tournaments for people that play mobile and online bingo games for real money in the United States of America. We are going to start off with the tournaments and the welcome promotions from 5Dimes and Island casinos Bitcoin bingo sites. We also want to tell you that we have a brand new monthly subscription email newsletter that you can sign up for on the right hand side of this website.

CyberBingo, Island Casino BingoSKY, BingoFest & 5Dimes Kick Off 2016 With Awesome Tournaments

We only send that latest USA online bingo bonuses, tournaments, contests and promotions to the people that opt-in. Make sure that after you enter you email you check your inbox, your spam folder and your junk mail folder and add that email to your address book. We recommend that you sign up for CyberBingo, Island Casino BingoSKY, BingoFest and 5Dimes by clicking through the links and the banners on our site so you will be notified about the latest offers and you can choose where you want to play online bingo games for real money from there.

CyberBingo, 5Dimes and Island USA Casinos Stargazers Bingo Tourney

If you already have a 5Dimes or Island casino account you may have received the email with the title New Year’s Blow Out NFL Odds that also features the latest USA online bingo tournaments on the bottom. When you open the email and scroll down to the bottom you will see the Stargazers bingo tourney. There is $3,000 in guaranteed cash prizes to win every day at 5Dimes and Island casino starting from January 4, 2016 through January 31, 2016. Make sure that you bookmark this page before you sign up for either 5Dimes or Island casino so you can come back and take advantage of the USA online bingo bonus offers from CyberBingo, BingoSKY, and BingoFest. Click here for more information on all of the US bingo sites.

CyberBingo, BingoSKY, & BingoFest Kick Off 2016 With Bingo + Fortune Slots Tourney


CyberBingo, BingoSKY, and BingoFest are having two incredible tournaments in January 2016. They are having their very own Stargazers Bingo Tourney and the Fortune Slots Tourney that starts on Monday January 4th 2016 and ends on Sunday January 31st 2016. There will be twenty winners in total that take home $1,000 in cash prizes every day. The people that play in the real money Stargazers Bingo Tourney that come in second and third place will also win consolation prizes in Free Play bonuses.

The Stargazers Bingo Tourney at CyberBingo, BingoSKY, and BingoFest is a four-week tournament that has a horoscope theme with zodiac signs will be played in the New Year’s Bingo Room. The goal in this tournament is to spot one of the 12 zodiac bingo patterns. Are you ready for some even better news? The people that play online bingo games for real money at CyberBingo, BingoSKY, and BingoFest will only have to pay $0.50 per card.

BingoFest, CyberBingo and BingoSKY are also having a great real money tournament for all of the people those play-to-play mobile and online slots games for real money. The tournament is called the Fortune Slots Tourney and it will have a $3,000.00 prize pool and run throughout the entire month of January 2016. There will be twenty lucky winners that will take home the $3,000.00 prize pool. The featured games for the Fortune Slots Tourney are Reel Wheels, Sands of Egypt & Lost Vikings, Small Soldiers, Front side Spins, Gems n Jewels Fistful of Dollars, Wild Wizards, Be Wild, and The Lucky Farm.

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