American Internet Bingo Sites Weekend Bonuses

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Are you ready to read and take action to claim your American Internet bingo sites weekend bonuses? BingoForMoney and BingoCanada USA online casinos and mobile bingo halls are offering their Smack down Playoffs today and every Saturday for the rest of 2015. If you need to start a real money of free BingoCanada or BingoForMoney account you can easily use one of our links and banners from this review webpage and claim your no deposit bonus plus 2015% in welcome bonuses. Feel free to read the online bingo reviews section to find out more information.

April Tax Day Real Money Online BingoForMoney Tournaments

Every Saturday BingoForMoney and BingoCanada Internet bingo halls and mobile casino sites offer huge cash prizes in the dollar room from 6PM EST and at 9PM EST. The USA bingo sites online cash prizes go all the way up to $1,500 during the Saturday Smackdown Playoffs.

The people from Canada, the United States of America, Europe and all over the world that play online and mobile bingo games for real money should get ready for the Supreme team clash for cash. This is a way for the folks at BingoCanada and Bingo For Money to thank their customers for their loyalty by offering guaranteed cash prizes up to $1,500! You can join your online bingo friends in the dollar room from 6PM EST and 9PM EST every Saturday night and try your hand in winning an extra $1,500 cash on top of your regular real money mobile bingo winnings online.

The way that you will become a Smackdown Champion during the Saturday Smackdown Playoffs is by playing more rounds than your competitors. The more rounds you play the better odds you have of winning guaranteed cash prizes in these American Internet bingo sites weekend bonuses.

There will be several winners that play real money online and mobile bingo games at Bingo For Money and BingoCanada. The review website told you about the first place prize, which is $1,500. The person that comes in second place will win $750 playing real money bingo online and the American residents that come in third place playing online bingo for real money in the Saturday Smackdown Playoffs will win $500 cash.

The American Internet bingo review site online wants to go over some of the rules that apply to this bonus promotion. All of the real money USA online bingo site players that participate in the Saturday Smackdown Playoffs will be announced on the BingoForMoney and the BingoCanada blog on the Friday prior to the event. There is a $100 minimum deposit to qualify for the Saturday Smackdown Playoffs. Top

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