Reverse Coverall Bingo Tourney

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CyberBingo is having a reverse Coverall Bingo tournament on Saturday May 30, 2015. Everybody that plays online bingo for real money online is welcome. The folks that live in the United States, Canada, and all over the world can participate in this reverse coverall bingo tourney and try their hand in becoming the next big winner as CyberBingo gives away $1,000’s in cash prizes. If you do not have real money CyberBingo account yet use our links and banners to claim your free $50 no deposit bonus plus make a deposit and claim your 1,000% welcome bonus. Take a look at the CyberBingo reviews for more information about the CyberBingo banking option and any questions you may have.

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About The Reverse Coverall Bingo Tourney

The reverse coverall bingo tourney takes place on Saturday May 30, 2015 in the bingo tourney room at the CyberBingo online hall. Online gamers that play online bingo for real money and on the go on their mobile Smartphone’s and tablets from the United States, Canada and all across the globe can have fun playing real money bingo and try their hand in winning increddable cash prizes.

Once lucky real money reverse coverall USA online bingo tournament player can take home $15,000 in cash. This tournament kicks off at 8 PM EDT and there will be three top of the hour $1,000 warm up games to play. The big the new $15,000 Reverse Coverall game will start at CyberBingo at 11 PM EDT where CyberBingo customers can play for up to $15,000 cash.

CyberBingo Fantasy Slots Tourney

The people that like to play mobile and online slot machines for real money have the CyberBingo Fantasy Slots Tourney to look forward to. Residents of the United States of America and people that play real money USA online bingo and slots all over the world can join the video slot game action this month and try their hand to be one of the lucky 30 players that will win a piece of the $5,000 fantastic prizes.

CyberBingo is taking the top 20 most popular online bingo games for real money and is incorporating them into the Fantasy slots tourney. There will be a huge selection for real money video slot machines to play online with no download instantly and on the go on mobile Smartphone’s and tablets.

Recently CyberBingo has become fully mobile responsive, which means that you can play your favorite real money online slots and bingo games on your Apple Iphone’s, Android’s, Apple IPad’s, and all Android and Apple iOS devices. Start your winning streak today and use our links and banners to sign up for CyberBingo and claim the best bonus online now. Top

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