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BingoForMoney & Bingo Canada Bonus Promos The-Adrenaline-Rush

BingoForMoney & Bingo Canada Bonus Promos have been released for the end of November 2014. Real money USA & Canadian bingo players should get ready for The Adrenaline Rush and The Worlds A Playground bingo bonus promotions. If you live in The United States of America BingoForMoney is a USA friendly online bingo room. When you sign up for BingoForMoney through a link or banner on The review website you will be able to claim your exclusive twenty-five dollar no deposit bonus. Once you feel comfortable playing real money bingo online for free you can make a deposit and claim your 1,100% welcome bonus. If you live in Canada or anywhere outside of the United States of America, sign up for Bingo Canada through a review website link or banner and you will be able to claim the same no deposit bonus and 1,100% welcome bonus.

About BingoForMoney & Bingo Canada Bonus Promos

The Adrenaline Rush kicks off Friday November 21,2014 between 2-3AM in The Afterhours Lounge Room at BingoForMoney and Bingo Canada and ends on Wednesday November 26, 2014. Get ready to feel the thrill of skydiving and get the Adrenaline Rush without taking the risk of risky activities like Skydiving when you participate in The BingoForMoney and BingoCanada The Adrenaline Rush bonus promotion. USA & Canadian real money bingo players will be able to win fixed prizes of $1,000 on every fifty call and one hundred dollar guaranteed prize when Canadian and USA online bingo players buy a one dollar card plus you will get two free cards for every ten cards that you purchase.

Worlds A Playground Bingo Bonus Promotion

The review website is also excited about the Worlds A Playground USA Online Bingo bonus promotion that Bingo Canada and BingoForMoney are having. The Worlds A Playground bonus promotion kicks off on November 20, 2014 through November 26, 2014 between 5-6PM EST in the Dollar Room for special speed games with fixed prizes of one thousand dollars on every fifth call plus one hundred dollar cash prizes on all other calls. The Worlds A Playground Bingo Bonus Promotion is to commemorate The Universal Children’s Day. Real money USA, Canadian, UK, and European players are invited have fun like you are a kid again. Both real money bingo bonus promotions are going to be great and there are guaranteed winners. Top

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