Types of Online Bingo Games

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Playing online bingo for free and real money has become very popular amongst residents of The United States of America. There are different types of online bingo games to play, the main differences is the number of balls used. The popularity is surprising to the folks at online social gaming websites like Facebook. One type of social bingo game that folks from The Untied States of America, The United Kingdom Canada, Europe, and all over the world is Vics Bingo. You can play against your Facebook friends, family, and invite complete strangers. Unlike many USA online bingo games, you can download the online social game on your Android phone, Iphone, Ipad, or any iOS device. USA residents can play this online social Facebook game for free or real money by purchasing coins and chips.

Four Main Types Of Online Bingo Games

The four main types (or variations) are the t thirty ball variation, the eighty-ball variation, the ninety-ball variation, and the seventy-five ball online game. Regardless of which type of Internet game you play, the ball is randomly drawn and the folks that play online bingo for real money must cross of each number with their marker or dauber. Like we stated before one of the main differences is the number of balls used but there are other differences as well.

Types of Online Bingo Games

Main Variations Of The Game

The seventy-five-ball bingo variation is the most popular and most played amongst real money Internet gamers in The United States of America. When you begin to play the seventy-five-ball variation, you will see a free square in the center of your 5 X 5 card. This is a simple variation as all you have to do is mark off the numbers by the patterns you are given and if you win yell out or type B-I-N-G-O.

The ninety-ball variation is not as popular as the seventy-five balls in The United States of America. The popularity stems from The United Kingdom, South America, Australia, Spain, and all of Europe. The dimensions of the card are 9X3, different that the 5 X 5 dimensions. You will notice three lines that run horizontally and a total of nine columns. The patterns can be different depending on which Internet room or hall you play. Each of the lines have five numbers, which makes a total of fifteen on your card. Three players can win in the ninety-ball variation, which is unlike the seventy-five-ball variation. Top of page.

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