Online Bingo Guide

Many people ask the question what is online bingo? Bingo is simply a lottery style game that has balls that draw your number. The way to win playing for real money to cover the numbers that match on your card, this is done according to the patterns. The first person to cover all of their matching numbers in a pattern yells out “bingo”. The same concept applies to the folks that play for real money on the Internet.

Online Bingo Guide To Regular Bingo Hall Differences

In this online guide here are not too many differences between land-based bingo and the online version. The main difference is that when you play online games for real money you use a random number generator (RNG). There is a social aspect to playing on the Internet, instead of someone yelling that you are the winner, it is done through a chat room. also provides excellent information for USA online bingo players about why online tournaments are worth your time, and how to become an online bingo baller.

Internet Chat Rooms Online

Chat rooms have become very popular amongst real money halls. There is still a dynamic social aspect of playing real money bingo online just like a regular room or hall. The folks that are new to flash sites can utilize the social chat rooms to familiarize themselves with how to play the USA Internet bingo game, also to meet new people have had a good time. Chat rooms are a great way to make new friends and become part of the community. It is your choice whether you want to start a friendship or distance yourself from people, becoming part of a real money lottery community is not for everyone.

Online Bingo Guide

Internet Bingo Networks

Many of the Internet bingo networks are a combination of chat rooms across many websites. While someone may sign up and play bingo for real money at a certain hall, they may be chatting with someone from a completely different website. The networks are a great place to learn in addition to meeting new people.               Top

How To Play Bingo Games Online

Naturally if you have not signed up and funded your account at a hall, room and website this will be the first thing to do. USA residents that play online for real money can either play in their Internet browser or download the software to play on their desktop. Take a look at the requirements from the site whether you plan on downloading the software or playing in your Internet browser to make sure your computer is compatible.

The goal of this guide to playing lottery games on the Internet for real money is for new and experienced players. We want to mention that we include all US-facing virtual casino sites that are compatible with mobile Smartphone’s and tablets. These casinos are also halls and sites. For example when playing games at the Las Vegas USA casino site you can play variations like Bonus Bingo, the Roaring Twenties specialty variation and of course Keno.

While Las Vegas USA casino offers virtual lottery games to play they are not 100% a hall or a room. SouthBeachBingo, Cyber and VicsBingo are really the hottest sites and halls on the net. Parlay, TopGame and BetSoft casino gaming software providers power VicsBingo, Cyber and SouthBeachBingo. Americans can spin the reels of the most popular mobile slot games from all of the different types of software. You can also play the 90-ball, 75 ball, 80 ball, 30-ball and coverall variations of the game. South Beach, Cyber and Vics have tournaments every week that have guaranteed cash prizes for lottery games as well as video slots.

In this guide to real money gambling we are also going to tell you about some of the different types of promotions. There is the no deposit giveaway, the welcome deposit, the reload, the match, the cash back, the refer a friend and many others.

In this guide we want to be clear that a no deposit bonus is not for bonus hunters! If you win money while you are using your free cash you have to make a deposit in order to cash out your winnings. Read the terms and conditions of any of the sites and the halls. All of them require people to make a deposit before they can claim their money from a no deposit giveaway. This giveaway is for people that intend to play the virtual lottery games for real money but want to give a hall or a rooms games a try. It is a courtesy that many people abuse.

South Beach, Cyber and Vics sites and halls all offer free casino chips. The fact of the matter is that you can feel free to use the free chips and try out the games but when you win you have to make a deposit in order to claim your winnings. Make sure that you bookmark this review and ratings website and head over to the home page. Enter your email address so you can receive the monthly email newsletters that offer exclusive promotions before they hit the Internet!

Deposit bonuses come in a form of money and a percentage. Some sites, rooms, and halls offer deposit promotions offer their free cash in dollar amounts. An example of a dollar giveaway amount is when a hall offers you five hundred dollars for the first three times that you make a deposit.

An example of a percentage giveaway is when you can claim five hundred percent over your first three times you fund your account. These are two completely different monetary amounts. A five hundred percent match bonus if you fund your account with $2,500 will be $10,000! Yes that is ten thousand dollars! This is much more than the five hundred dollars that you would have received if you claim the giveaway in the form of a dollar amount.

The point that we want to make in this guide is that we want you to read the fine print in the terms and conditions for any place that you plan on spending your hard earned cash.

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